Nike Air Max 95
Sizes: 7 – 13, 14, 15


acob has turned his AIR MAX 95 PREMIUM into a public service announcement of the most creative kind. The tongue reminds you to CHECK YOUR BP,” accompanied by a heart made out of Jacob’s thumbprint. “I was thinking that it could help a lot of people,” he says.


Other cool features in Jacob’s design include a circuit-board pattern (since he’s bionic, after all), a heart graphic under the heel and a proclamation: I WALK TO MY OWN BEAT on the sockliner. As for the red and blue palette, that’s a nod to Jacob’s favorite superhero: Spider-Man.


“Spider-Man does the right thing, no matter what. I think that’s super awesome,” Jacob says. And Jacob’s not the only one who thinks so: Spider-Man’s creator, Stan Lee, has lent his signature to Jacob’s shoe. After the two met at a comic book convention, Jacob asked the legendary comic book writer if he would lend his name to a good cause and Lee was happy to oblige.

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