Hey, guess what's revving up? The Small Sports Car (SSC) crew just unleashed China's soon-to-be “national sports car” promising the ultimate driving rush!

Set to hit the scene in 2023, the SC-01 is packing some seriously cool specs. Apparently, it's sizing up at 4,085mm long, 1,820mm wide, and 1,162mm tall (that’s around 161x72x46 inches), putting it in the same ballpark as the Alpine A110 or the Audi TT.

But hold up, here's where it gets wild! It's tipping the scales at just 1,300kg (or 2,866 pounds)! That's a whole lot lighter than most EVs out there. Even the Tesla Model 3, which is a bit of a heavyweight, comes in at 1,612 to 1,831kg (that's 3,554-4,036 pounds). The Audi TT? It's up to 1,540kg (3,395 pounds), while the Alpine A110 weighs less at 1,103kg (2,432 pounds).

Here's the kicker: This bad boy is packing electric motors on all four wheels, delivering a sweet 429hp (320 kW/435 PS). With that power-to-weight ratio, it’s tearing to 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 3.9 seconds!

You'd expect all that punch might drain the battery quick, right? Well, SSC claims this beast can cover up to 310 miles (500 km) per charge on the NEDC cycle. Not too shabby for a speed demon like this!

They're shaking things up, too! No typical skateboard battery setup here. Nope, they're spreading the battery love like a traditional sports car, parking it right in the middle for that perfect balance.

And check this out: keeping the driver low to the ground, a spaceframe chassis, and those horizontal, pushrod shock absorbers are giving it that classic mid-engine sports car feel.

In the spirit of small sports cars, they're keeping it simple inside. Chinese-made components that are easy to get hold of and replace. Production's kicking off in late 2023, and the sticker price? Hold on to your seat, it’s expected to start at just ¥300,000 (which converts to around $41,957 USD)!

Sadly, it's not clear if they’ll offer this bad boy outside of China for now. But man, if this ride lives up to the hype, it's gonna be one heck of a thrill!