Spotting fakes in the Lost And Found Air Jordan 1s? Easy peasy! Just take a peek at the label inside the tongue. The real deal always stands out from the copycats because their text is never wonky or too thin.

Here's the lowdown on checking if your Air Jordan 1 Lost & Found is legit:

Interior tongue label:

  • Fake ones have text that's all stretched out and thick, especially the "SWOOSH" part.
  • Plus, look for "MADE IN CHINA" and "FABRIQUE EN CHINE" – if it's too skinny, it's a fake!

Size tag:

  • Pay attention to the numbers and letters – if they're looking too thin or small, it's a red flag.

Hourglass vs. tubular:

  • The real pair has that classic hourglass shape, wider at the top and bottom, and slim in the middle. Fakes? They're more like a tube, straight as an arrow.


  • Real ones have that authentic worn look, with little white dots on the leather.
  • Fakes try, but their dots are bigger and less convincing.

Air Jordan logo

  • Look at those wings! Real ones have 'em just right – not too close, not too thick. Fakes? They're way off the mark.


  • Check the toe box holes – if they're big, it's a fake. Real ones are smaller and more precise.

Toe box:

  • Size matters! Fakes skimp on the space inside the toe box. Real ones? Roomy and tall!


  • Last but not least, check the receipt. But don't rely solely on it – some fakes come with sneaky swaps.