The adidas Kobe 2, also known as the "The Kobe," represents a unique chapter in the history of basketball sneakers, marking the second collaboration between adidas and NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. Released in 2001, the Kobe 2 pushed the boundaries of design and technology with its unconventional silhouette and innovative features. Inspired by Bryant's relentless pursuit of perfection on the court, the shoe featured a striking asymmetrical upper with a mix of synthetic materials and leather overlays, providing lightweight support and enhanced durability. Its distinctive lace cover added both style and functionality, ensuring a secure fit and minimal distractions during gameplay. Despite its polarizing design, the Kobe 2 showcased adidas' commitment to pushing the boundaries of sneaker design and performance, leaving a lasting impact on the basketball footwear industry.

adidas Kobe 2 Silver Metallic