Sneaker trends 2021: We'll wear these stylish models up and down in 2021!

Comfortable and stylish: sneakers are among our absolute favorite shoes. We'll show you which sneaker trends you shouldn't miss in 2021 and which models should move into your shoe cabinet immediately.

Over the past few years, sneakers have become an absolute must-have in shoe collection. Not only are they super comfortable, so we can really walk around in them all day without pain, they are also incredibly varied. Meanwhile, sneakers come in all possible colors and shapes, which make our outfits look cool, casual, and extremely stylish. It doesn't matter whether we combine them with classic blue jeans or a summer maxi dress; sneakers always work.

It goes high: high-top sneakers are trendy in 2021

While we've tended to wear sneakers that exposed our ankles over the past few years, the New Year is going high. In 2021, high top sneakers will be one of the must-haves among shoe trends. Their high shaft extends over the ankles, which gives them a slightly masculine and very sporty look.

When it comes to sneakers, 2021 is all about casualness, comfort, and sportiness. That doesn't necessarily mean that a sporty shoe has to be worn with a sporty outfit. High top sneakers can also be combined fantastically with summery maxi dresses - preferably in a completely white design.

Green footprint: sustainable sneakers

Sustainability is much more than just a trend that has now also gained a foothold in the fashion industry. Fortunately, don't we all want to pay more attention to our ecological footprint? Sustainable sneakers are just what you need.

The models are classic, universally combinable, and absolutely timeless. A big plus, because the shoes shouldn't be sorted out again in the next season, but should still match your personal style in a few years. Stars like Meghan Markle and Reese Witherspoon, who have already been seen wearing sustainability sneakers several times, also find it very popular. The mostly vegan sneakers are made of waxed canvas, organic cotton, and natural rubber, but recycled plastic bottles are also used to produce the shoes.

Show true greatness with trendy platform sneakers

In 2020 we could already spot them here and there, but in 2021 we definitely want to get a taste of the mountain air and make platform sneakers a permanent part of our winter, spring, summer, and autumn wardrobe. The sneakers that cheat us a few centimeters larger fit into every season and can be combined endlessly because of their different designs.

Sneaker trends 2021: Running sneakers

Comfort comes first, the shoe must not pinch. Most of the time, running shoes have a very eye-catching design, bright and bright colors, which ultimately serve the function - you stand out and are not overlooked when jogging in the dark. In 2021, however, the colorful running shoes will get a little more to see than the daily, weekly, or monthly running route.

Because running sneakers will be the models in the coming year that we simply will not be able to avoid.

This is not only due to their excessive comfort but also to the slightly unconventional design. The colorful color combinations are eye-catchers and give every outfit that certain something. In 2021 we won't be saying goodbye to this year's loungewear trend and prefer to combine casual running sneakers with knitted joggers, matching sweaters, or cardigans.

If that's too casual for you, you can also combine the running sneakers with flared blue jeans and oversized blazers, which creates an exciting but classic break in style!