If you're anything like me - fashion-wise anyway - the first purchase of any item is always, "How am I going to look?" This is especially true when the item is something as luxurious as a pair of Ugg boots. Beyond the actual cost, there are a ton of reasons why Ugg boots are the perfect footwear for anyone and any style.

Here are five just for starters: They're not just for the kids anymore! The simple and obvious answer is: they are for everyone. Kids, teenagers, and adults are falling in love with their modern, Australian-made shoes.

They have a fantastic selection of styles and colors. The best part is, you don't have to buy the same style as everyone else. Trendy, funky, quirky, or classy - no matter what your style is, there are a wide variety of unique colors and styles to choose from.

They're comfortable- If you're a guy who likes to wear five-inch boots, Ugg boots will more than likely feel comfortable with your current footwear. The wool lining means that your feet will feel warm and toasty in the cold of the early spring sun as well as offer comfortable arch support to those days when you just can't bear to be without your shoes.

They're lightweight- You might think that Ugg boots will feel heavy and hot, but they are incredibly lightweight - most of them. Made from pure wool, sheepskin, and especially suede, Ugg boots are unbelievably lightweight, whether your choice of the boot is the classic multi-strap model or one that closes with a buckle and a dual ankle strap.

Long-lasting, durable and comfortable, these boots are some of the trendiest footwear around. Most recently, celebrities have been seen sporting them at music festivals such as Coachella and performances on the Late, Late Show with Kanye West. If you match their funky hues to a wardrobe containing mostly muted neutrals and clean prints, however, you have to wonder how celebrities can wear such comfortable shoes while looking so put together.

They are unique- In an age where people seem to always want to stand out from the crowd, Ugg boots fit right in. With their vibrant color combinations, eye-catching design, and simple, defined shapes they are perfectly suited to set off an outfit or individual feature.

They are durable- As durable as they come, the simple styling and elastic sheepskin lacing mean that your boots will withstand your rough days outside.

Tailored, resplendent twills and soft lining offer solid construction and more comfort than your average winter boot. Ugg boots are made for keeping your feet work. There's a reason why these boots are warm, cozy, and soft: they're made with sheepskin. So why wouldn't you want them for your feet? Consider the conditions that you'll be wearing them in. Without socks, Uggs will help keep your feet nice and snug while still helping you make a statement. Uggs are also perfect for winter though, where your feet will be under plenty of snow and ice. Not only will your feet remain snug and comfortable, but the sheepskin will also ease with the frigid temperatures. Everyone should have a pair of comfortable and cozy Ugg boots in their closet, and the right pair will let you strut about with panache!