Difference between real and fake Gucci slides

How can you know whether the Gucci slides you are going to purchase on the internet are original?

Even products offered at a luxury consignment shop can be fake. An authorized Gucci merchant is the only method to guarantee that you will not wind up with a counterfeit pair of shoes.

Step to ensure that your Gucci Slide is real or fake

Make sure you do not wind up with a phony pair of slides or shoes by following these easy instructions.

Know your Gucci boxes inside out

The company has employed only two box designs: the classic black-and-white box and the famous brown box. The whole box except for the lid should be black for the latter. It makes the package seem seamless by having a black frame.

Check the dust bags.

Gucci dust bags are also available in black and white or brown, much like the boxes. Because dust bags have evolved so much throughout the years, it is difficult to tell them apart. All of these features should be present and correct in high-end products.

Check the sticker label's information.

The information on the box's sticker label should match what you ordered. Make careful to double-check this information thoroughly since most counterfeiters will not bother to alter it. Serial number, model name, color, size, barcodes, and a line representation of the object are all standard features of a genuine Gucci label. Make sure you do not end up with a label that includes images of the goods or handwriting.

Become familiar with high-quality resources.

It has a given that luxury goods specialists should be familiar with high-quality materials. Hardware and leather are the two most important components. Visit a few shops to get a sense of what real leather is like to the touch, smell, and sight of it. Quality hardware weighs and shines differently than painted plastic hardware. Learn about, inquire about, and seek out a variety of high-end materials.

Look for the 8-digit serial number

A serial number is hidden somewhere in the shoe for each type. The style number is six digits long, and the sizing is six digits long. The shoe's serial number is often located on the lining's heel tab. Shoes for women may have it outside the sole just above the size number in certain instances. Check the label on the shoebox. A pair of shoes should have the same number of digits printed.