Are your Nike LD Waffle Sacai Real or Fake?

If you’re interested in buying the new Nike LD Waffle Sacai., you would be wise to keep a few things in mind. Theres been a release of a few high quality Waffle Sacai fakes out there, we’re trying hard to help you avoid them. Here is our list of the few things to look out for to avoid buying a fake pair.

Check the “US Patent” in the sole

The sole inscription is one of the major keys to spot if your sneakers are fake or real. The fake sneakers, you will notice thick texts while on the real sneakers’ sole, it’s much thinner. Fake Nike LD Waffle, the “US Patent” text is placed too close to the left squares of the sole. On the real sneakers, it will have a little bit more spacing between those square buttons. Also, the replicas often are made of poor-quality plastic.

The color of the sneakers:

Do not miss to check overall quality and the color of the Nike LD Waffle Sacai. Fake sneakers will often be s a slightly darker shade of red when compared with the real pairs. This is one of the easiest ways to spot a fake pair Nike LD Waffle Sacai.

The font on the sneakers:

Take a close look at the font printed on the sneakers. The real shoes have a light grey shade with some gloss finishing whereas the fake pairs have a darker shade with the matte finishing.

Check the quality of the Suede:

On the rear side, the real pair has a better suede quality if you will compare it with the fake ones. Fake pair manufacturers are now using the synthetic leather panel which is a give away if you look carefully. Also, the replicas poor-quality plastic is often used.

Check “Nike” tags:

On the fake pair, you will see 2 main flaws. First, the letter “R” that appears too small and also the whole word “SPORTSWEAR” looks too thin. This is one of the major points to notice.

Apart from these steps, there are many factors to considers spotting fake Nike LD Waffle Sacai sneakers

Be cautious of Low Price:

As all Nike LD Waffle Sacai are now sold out. You can expect to pay over $400 for a brand new pair depending on your size. If a brand new pair is cheaper than this, it’s a sign that the sneakers might be fake or that a large restock is about to happen.

The reputation of the seller:

If you are going to buy online, don’t skip checking the seller rating and other buyer’s feedback. If there are negative comments that are related to not shipping or fake pairs. Stay Away!

Some sellers don’t even know if they sell real Nike or not, so feedback is an important indicator.