How to tell the difference between real and fake Air Jordan VI

Air Jordan VI

The Air Jordan VI is an essential pair of sneakers in any Jordan collectors closet. Unfortunately there will always be a market flooded with fakes.

Which is why you need to know the differences between a real and fake Air Jordan VI sneakers. Here are some things that you need to need to consider and check when verifying a pair of Air Jordan VIs

Air Jordan VI

Heel tab

You will notice that most of the time the replica’s heel tab will be exaggerated. The red on those fakes will be narrow, while the real ones tend to have a wider heel tab. It’s a simple thing you need to notice, but it’s easy to spot after a while.


Most of the time fakes will have holes that lack a white or reflective component. They feel cheaply made, and you will also notice that the spacing between the edge of the pod and the upper hole is smaller on fakes. Usually it’s wider on the real pair.

Air Jordan VI

Air bubble

When it comes to the air bubble, real ones tend to have a wider bubble. They also have the screen around an inch from the edge of the midsole. Fakes on the other hand will have the screen adjacent to the edge. Fakes will also tend to have an orange highlight, whereas the original ones will focus more on the red coloring. It’s a very reliable way to tell if a sneaker is fake or not.

Heel liner

Fakes will have a heel liner that seems more like a chenille patch. Also, the spacing between the Nike text and the tab is small on the fake pair. Real Air Jordan VIs will have more spacing, and that’s how you know they are real.

The box

Another thing you can do is to check the box. Fakes will have a snow white coloring, whereas real pairs will have an off-white color. The box should have a gap between the box lid and the label edge on fakes. Speaking of numbers, the production date on fakes is much earlier and the inside label also at times can be too white

Nike logo

You need to check and you will see that the Nike logo is very bright, glossy and fuller on a fake pair. Real pairs will not be extremely glossy.


While it’s not easy to spot a fake from a real pair, it’s important to use this guide to see whether the Air Jordan VI pair you want to buy is a real one. There are some nuanced changes from fakes to the real that will make it easier for you to spot a fake. Use our tips and we guarantee it will be easier to spot any fake Air Jordan VI pair!

Air Jordan VI