How tell the difference between real and fake pair of Air Jordan V?

The Air Jordan V is one of the most beautiful Air Jordans out there. While not the most sought after, it does stand out with its amazing features and incredible quality. But you do have to wonder, how can you spot the fake Air Jordan V and what makes them different from the real ones? Let’s find out.

Factory codes

Ideally you want to see that the shoes have their FT1 or LN3 factory codes on the tag, only the real ones have such a thing. The box also needs to have that same code and manufacturing country. If there’s no match between the codes and origin country, then these are fakes.

Tongue height

The tongue height is very close to the top of the shoe on the real deal. Fake Air Jordan Vs will usually have the tongue height a lot lower. If it extends up to the upper side of the shoe, then that’s something you need to keep in mind. It’s definitely going to be worth it, that’s for sure.


Air Jordan Vs will have the 23 on the side. Real ones will have a clear gap between the numbers. Most of the time those fakes will have the numbers connected. This is actually one of the best ways to spot if you are dealing with fakes or not. So try to take that into consideration while deciding weather or not to buy.


The real Jumpman will have hands that are very flat, fingers are uniform. In the case of a fake you will notice a very low quality. The real one has a very high quality. If it feels like a sloppy job here, it shows that you’re dealing with a fake, so you need to figure out how to eliminate the issue as fast as possible. Also, the real Jumpman is rather close to the sole. Fakes tend to have it a lot higher, maybe 2-3 times higher, so that makes it easier to spot.

Side cushion

An authentic Air Jordan V will go back to the original shape when you press on the side cushion. If the cushion doesn’t return instantly to its original shape, then you are most likely dealing with fakes, so that’s something that you need to avoid as much as possible. Also, a fake will have a very wide stitching on the side, something that regular ones will not have.

Final thoughts

There are some other things to look out for. The Jumpman at the bottom of the shoe should be clear, if it’s not that shows you have a fake. Also, most fakes tend to have the legs not spread as wide. On top of that, the real lace locks will have the Jumpman, fakes will just show the Nike name. It’s important to study all these little differences, as that’s what will make the process so convenient and interesting. Just check them out and study everything to ensure that you’re not dealing with fakes.