How to tell if your Supreme hoody is fake

Supreme is indeed one of the most famous and coolest streetwear labels in the world right now. So it makes sense that there is a huge market for both new and resale products of the brand. But, while getting your hand on an excellent piece from Supreme can be exciting, finding out that you accidentally bought a fake can be both embarrassing and costly.

Unfortunately, this is one problem faced by many customers these days. Thankfully, it is possible to spot the difference between real and fake products from Supreme. Here is our handy guide which will help you in spotting the difference.

Supreme Logo

Signs of Fake Supreme

When you are buying a Supreme piece, you want to make sure that your money is going into a real thing. By checking some key elements such as a logo, print, labels, drawstring, stitching, and overall quality of the piece, you should be able to determine if it's genuine or not. Of course, while inspecting these features, it is essential to know what you are looking for.

How to Spot A Fake Supreme Logo

You may think that just by looking at the logo, you can spot a fake Supreme. But it's not that easy. A lot of people create Supreme hoodies and other items as close as the real thing.

To check for a fake product, it is essential to make sure that the box logo should be embroidered entirely with a high-quality stitch. If the stitching looks off or is broken, the product is most likely fake. Another way of spotting a fake product is the color of the logo. The red on real Supreme is bright and vibrant dark red color. A fake is either too light or too dark

Another trick is to check the lettering. There should be plenty of space around the word ‘Supreme,’and the embroidery should be in matte white. Fake Supreme logos have a grey tinge to them.

Supreme Box Logo

You can look the back stitching goes into the bottom of the p. Look at the picture below for a closer look at what this looks like

Supreme Box Logo

The Label

The label of Supreme clothing is the easiest way to tell if a product is genuine or fake. It’s all in the small details as the manufacturer will try to be as convincing as possible. Firstly, take a look inside the top label of the hoodie. The main difference between a real and fake is the size and spacing of the word ‘Supreme.’ On an authentic hoodie, the word ‘Supreme’ will take up the whole lower space of the tag, and the small ‘made in tag’ will come down as far as the E of Supreme.

Next is the wash label, which is found on the left-hand side. On a real product, the wash label will have a single line of stitch going along the top with some label sticking out above it. On a fake, this label will be tucked into the overlocking of the hoodie covering the top of the label completely.

Supreme Label


When it comes to spotting a fake Supreme, you can tell a lot from drawstring. If the drawstring is round, the product is most likely fake. Supreme uses flat drawstring in all of their hoodies.

Supreme Drawstrings


If a Supreme hoodie has a print on the back, the best way to tell if it’s real is by checking the quality. The colors differ and are dull or too dark/light on one compared to the other.

Supreme Print


When it comes to checking whether a Supreme T-shirt is fake or authentic, start by looking at the stitching along the neckline. A real Supreme T-shirt has no visible stitching, whether it’s one or two lines of it. A fake T-shirt will have a single stitch running down the two edges. Most fakes will have a double stitch.

Some people prefer to buy fake Supreme products as they are priced much lower. Others get tricked into spending a lot of money on something which they believe to be real when it’s actually fake.

Whenever you are considering to buy Supreme products online, ask the seller to take a picture of the item with a stated name, symbol, or date to make sure it's legit. Another trick is to look at the price and availability of the product.

Washing tag

Another easy way to detect that a piece is old is by checking the washing tag. The older pieces have a different washing tag than the new ones. Below is a picture of the old wash tag

Supreme Print


If the product is cheap and or extremely underpriced it may be fake. At this point you want to proceed with caution. Checked if the item is used or just in bad condition. Also checkthe history of the seller. I could possibly be someone who is unware of the full value of the item. If your searching for Surpreme items on ebay, check the sellers past sales. if they have plenty of past sells selling Supreme items with positive feedback, more than likely the item could be real. Also check out stockx and goat for Supreme items. These market Consider the points mentioned above to make sure you're buying a genuine product. Stay fly.