How to spot fake Rolex Datejust?

spot fake rolex datejust

Are you looking for a real Rolex Datejust? But you are afraid of the scammers; maybe by mistake, you get the fake Rolex Datejust. How can you protect yourself from fake choices? There is no need to worry; we will guide you on the spot fake Rolex Datejust while purchasing.

How Can I spot Fake VS Real Rolex Datejust?

Some significant features will help you to spot a fake Rolex Datejust while buying.

Check date Wheel:

While you check the date wheel, the date wheel in the Rolex Datejust will be appropriately placed, but a fake watch shows its date text improperly. Over a real Rolex Datejust, the watching data is quite simple and clear to see, but in fake watches, the date looks blurry.

Check to engrave of the rehaut:

The second thing that you need to check is an engraving of the rehaut; look at the engraving visibility. A fake watch will present poor visibility at the engraving of the rehaut, while a real watch will give you a clear view to learn the text.

Check Cyclops lens of the Rolex Datejust:

While buying the Rolex Datejust, never forget to check the Cyclops lens of the watch. When you check the Cyclops lens, the real Rolex Datejust watch cyclops lens will be shinier and give a brighter view, while the fake watch will give a dim view that does not look better.

Check the date flipping of the watch:

Never forget to check the date flipping feature of the watch. You can also spot the fake Rolex Datejust by flipping the feature of the watch. In the Real watch, date flip is instant when we change or wind the hours, but this feature works slowly and takes time in fake Rolex Datejust.

Check the Lume:

In the Real Rolex Datejust when you turn off the lights while charging, its lume glows shiny, but the dial remains dark, and it gives a clear view. But on the other hand, a fake Rolex Date just does not give a clear view in the dark, and its lume color also looks dull in the dark.

Check the end links of Rolex Datejust:

Do not forget to check the end links of the Rolex Datejust; a real Rolex Datejust watch contains solid end links, and everything is assembled correctly. But you will notice some mistakes on that portion in fake Rolex Datejust.

Final Thoughts:

Rolex Datejust is an exceptional feature containing high-quality wristwatches, but sometimes we get fake Rolex Datejust. We have guided you with some points, which will help you to spot fake Rolex Datejust.