How to Spot Fake Air Jordan 8s?

How to spot fake Air Jordan 8

In this world of scammers, we should know about an original and fake version of different things. Some people have experience of recognizing legit sneakers by just merely looking at the shoes. Afraid of scammers and thinking about how to spot fake Air Jordan 8s? Before you make a purchase, you need to learn about how to spot the fake one. If you want to know the difference between original and fake Air Jordan 8 shoes, here are the details:

Air Jordan 8 Shoebox:

When you buy Air Jordan 8s sneakers, first have an in-depth look at the shoebox; the original branded box is a high-quality print and finish. There is a unique logo on the cover or side of the box; correctly notice that logo by searching google. Do a quick google search of the style number and see what sneakers are returned in the results. Use a barcode scanner app to scan the barcode and ensure that all the details according to the product should be correct.

Air Jordan 8 Size tag and tongue badge authentication:

The size tag inside the Air Jordan 8 shoe, has thick wrapping and bold letter print. If the size tag has thin letters with thin wrapping, then these are not original. The tight and neat woolen embroidery on a page indicates that it is not a replica.

How to spot fake Air Jordan 8

Stitching: If you want to verify the original vs fake Air Jordan 8 shoes, look at their stitching. The stitching on fake shoes is extremely thin. This is because the thread is not correctly visible. The legit shoes have stitching lines that are very defined and extremely visible.

How to spot fake Air Jordan 8

Air Jordan 8 Pull tab:

Notice the pull tab on the shoe's side; make sure that the tab's stitching is single lined with even gaps. Check that according to the colorway; the tab color is also correctly aligned. Air Jordan's logo is marked on the tab, aligning with the strap color, and is also an enate logo.

Air Jordan 8 Strap:

Air Jordan 8 shoes have the numbers 23 embossed on the strap. The numbers are well defined and the embossing is extremely prominent. There is no stitching on the numbers themself. Make sure that the stitching around the number is evenly spaced. Pull the heel tab and correctly notice its stitching style; a rectangular pattern aligns at the strap's end.

How do I know my Air Jordan 8s are fake summary?

It might be possible, you didn't get the point like which one sneaker is fake Air Jordan, but the above-discussed outline is a practical guide for you. Furthermore, a quick 60 seconds solution is also best for authentication that important to consider, such as:

Check out the inside tag size of the sneakers. Usually, the fake Air Jordan 8 has thick text. Check the inside stitching of your shoes; sometimes, the replica AJ8 pairs come with thin stitching. Check the visibility of Jumpman on the tongue because Air Jordan 8 sneakers have equal likely Jumpman stitching that is too thin in the sneakers. Verify the Air Jordan 8s box because the replica box can be too curvy.

Meanwhile, the above are essential advice to buy an authentic Air Jordan 8 and save your money while buying the fake one. Also, choose an exact place to buy your Air Jordan 8.