How can you start reselling sneakers

It's no longer a secret that sneaker reselling can be an extremely lucrative pastime. We've put together a guide that can allow you to hop into the reselling game and start making some money.

Research and keep track of the latest sneaker releases

Performing comprehensive research is necessary for making your sneaker reselling business successful. Before buying the shoes, make sure it is in the trend. Check ebay, stockx and other marketplaces a few days up to release. If the prices are way above retail, there's a high chance that the sneaker will be profitable to resell on release day. Most general release sneakers tend to drop in price a bit on release day and after. They slowly climb back up if they are sold out without a plan to restock.

Research pricing

Pricing strategy

Setting the right price is the key to your success. As a beginner, it will be difficult to fix the right price that would give profit to you and as well attracts the buyers. If you're selling on ebay, check the sold listing and other current listings to see what other users are selling for.

Pricing Strategy

Select the best platform

Where you sell your product is always vital in all businesses. There are multiple online platforms to become a seller and earn money. The famous sites like eBay, Stockx, Facebook, and Instagram market, and many such platforms allow you to sell sneakers.

First, it is recommended to open your account in all such platforms. Because it will help to understand which one suits you and you will get more customers with less fee. Once you get to know the right platform, you can start concentrating on that particular site, which may have the most profit opportunity at the moment.

Sneaker platform selection


Because there's a lot of options to choose from when it comes to shipping. Choosing the cheapest yet fastest option will help you increase your profits. In general if you're near a USPS, that should be your first choice for single shoe orders. They tend to be cheaper when compared to competitors. If you're shipping multiple items or internationally UPS or Fedex would be the better option.

Sneaker platform selection

Stock your sneaker inventory and have them ready to be shipped

Keeping an adequate level of stocks is very necessary to fulfil the demand of the customers. Establishing a streamlined process for packing and sending for shipping is vital. The more time you take to ship the products, the more it will affect your ratings. Pack and ship as soon as possible to establish an excellent reputation for your business.