Guide To Flipping and Reselling Sneakers

So you want to make some side money flipping sneakers part time? If you’re looking to get started and learn a few tips on reselling, this is the ultimate reselling sneaker guide. The most important thing to keep in mind upon entering the reselling business is that you always want to sell your sneakers more than what you've paid for them. Many people enter the reselling game to simply flip sneakers but are unaware that they're breaking even after fees or even worse, losing money. Don't hustle backwards.

Researching new sneakers

The first step in starting your journey to flipping sneakers is to begin knowing when popular sneakers are going to be releasing. Most of the money you make from reselling will be buying sneakers on release dates and reselling them shortly after for profit.

Keep track of all the latest sneaker release dates below. - All Releases - Yeezy Releases - Jordan Releases - Nike Releases

Which sneakers to buy?

You want to buy sneakers which are high in demand. Here are some of the signs you should look for sneakers that will likely be in high demand or have a lot of buzz. Some of the more popular sneakers right now that will almost guarentee you 100% profit are:

  • Off-White and Nike collobs
  • Acronym and Nike collabs
  • Other highly covered nike Collabs
  • Limited release Yeezys. Restocks will not be as profitable
  • Jordans 1s High OGs or popular jordans retro

Where to buy?

Where should you sell them?


One of the oldest, if not oldest auction site. eBay has the largest selection of sneakers and has the biggest buyer and seller user base. Upon purchase of your sneakers, you should list them on eBay. Keep in mind that ebay charges a final value fee for succesfully completing your sale. Also, you will most likely accept paypal as your payment method. Paypal also charges their own transaction fee for accepting payments.

Stock X.

The world’s most famous sneakers stock exchange. A live auction place where you will be able to bid and ask for the most wanted sneakers, worldwide. Shipping is free for sellers in the US, $20 for sellers in Canada and $30 for sellers in every other country. Only brand new merchandise in the original box is accepted.