How to Spot Real vs Fake Nike MAG sneakers

The Nike Mag is a great sneaker that has been the most sought out within the past few years. Prices for these sneakers have reached over $15,000, so it's incredibly important that you make sure that you're buying the real thing. Identifying the real Nike Mag from the fake can be a herculean task, therefore in this article, you will have a better understanding of how to identify the real Nike Mag from the fake.

Nike Mag Nike Mag

Check the Nike Swoosh logo

The Nike Swoosh logo is a great way to check for the authenticity of these sneakers. Check for the shape of the logo, if it is too curvy it is a fake as the real one won't be very curvy. The real is made with authentic material while the fake has a bulky and has a thicker cut. Below is a picture of an authentic logo. Check how streamlined and thin the logo appears. Also check for the green accent above the swoosh.

Nike Mag

You can identify a real from fake Nike MAG through the rear heel text

Note that the bottom side of the letter “N” on the original is expected to be round, bumpy, and curvy in shape. But reverse is the case on the fake, it is less curvy, not bumpy and not round enough, so make sure you note that. Let's also take a look at the letter "M". On the fake sneakers, you will discover that the letter “M” and "G" are very thick, and they appear to be too showy on the shoe, but the real Nike Air Mags will have their “M” to be a lot thinner, so it doesn't look too flashy on the sneakers, it is just moderate and perfect.

Real Nike Mag

Fake Nike Mag

Take a very close look at the size tag of the Air mags

Another great way to identify a fake is taking a look inside the shoe at the size tag. Take note of the numbers and how they are written, if there is any incoherence and improper arrangements of fonts and they don't align? Then it's a fake. Finally, check for the TEXT of the place of production, if it's moderately written or too thin, it's REAL but when it's not thin, it's a fake. Below is a picture of an authentic tag to compare yours to.

Nike Mag

Check the lighting on the back to Air Mag

The real Nike Air Mag has a very attractive sneaker because it features a lighting system near the heel. This is one of the best ways to detect an authentic vs fake pair because the fakes have not figured out how to clone the lighting 1:1 yet. If you can have both products placed side by side, you will realize that the lightning on the original shines brighter and more radiant than the fakes. Lastly, note that if the stripe is shorter and maybe half-length on the shoe, that's an indication it's a fake. Authentic below is on the left, fake is on the right Nike Mag

With the above tips, I hope you now find it easier to identify the real Nike MAG from the fake and won't fall victim of fake products. So, I implore you to carefully check the sneakers before picking one at the store or from a reseller.