Fake Vs Real Gucci Ace sneakers:

Gucci Ace sneakers will remind you of the bright seventies. These sneakers not only have a slight metallic touch on the back, but they are also customizable with embroidered and interchangeable patches to make multiple combinations that you can put on the instep of tennis and they will surely make you stand out.

We know that many times we want to achieve the aspiration of buying luxury brands such as the original Gucci sneakers, which undoubtedly this brand is characterized by the authenticity of its products. So you must know these characteristics to avoid buying a fake one. Some of the things you should verify when buying Gucci Ace:

Inspect the Footbed

The footbed of the Gucci Ace is the most reliable spot to consider when checking fake vs real one. You need to go inside to check the real by removing the insole. In reality, the color of the footbed must be brown with the classic Gucci connected print. While in the fake one, you will see the logo print black instead of brown.

Check the “Gucci” print:

On the fake sneakers, the letters of “Gucci” appear to be printed like a sticker and it is glued on the shoes. While in real shoes, those letters are stitched in the sneakers itself. Or if there is a design, the design will be stiched on, not glued on

Bag packing

You must check the bag and/or the shoe box are packed boxes. All products that belong to this brand are always accompanied by a bag, boxes and even some gift bags for your product, this bag is a dark brown color. Also, they have the word Gucci in silver or gold raised metal letters running parallel to the short side of the case.

Ace insole

On the fake shoes, there would be a text missing on the rear side of the insole while in real Gucci Ace shoes, you will see a highlighted text which always is present.

Examine the overall quality: *

First of all, you should check the seam of the sneakers since most are inspired by a tribute to the typical Gucci shoes, if the seam is not completely straight, smooth and there are no signs of glue, then they are not real shoes.

The inner surface of all Gucci sneakers is white, in addition to that color and width of the stripes on the sides of the shoes is also a tribute to typical knock-off Gucci sneakers, Gucci tennis roots have two green stripes Forests alternate, with a red Ferrari stripe between them, on the side of each shoe. Each strip is about 3/4-inch wide.

Serial number:

This is also another important element since this cannot be fake so you must check the serial number for Gucci Ace sneakers. The authentic shoes of this brand will have an 8-digit serial number printed on the leather cover on the inside of the shoe, near the shoe size mark. Now you know very well, how to recognize the original Gucci Ace sneakers of this prestigious brand.