How To Tell If Your Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runners Are Fake

The adidas Yeezy Boost 700 was released on March 10th on and on YEEZY SUPPLY in the U.S. only. If you copped a pair or planning to buy one. Use this Yeezy guide to tell if your Yeezy Boost 700 Wave runners might be fake. Don't get got or caught out here slipping with replicas.

Toe Box Suede Quality

The suede toe box on the real Yeezy 700 wave runners is a little rougher, displaying some grain. Compared to the fake pair which is incredibly smooth and looks really cheap.

Fake Yeezy 700 Toe Box

Fake Yeezy 700 Toe Box Above

Leather Quality

Like the toe box the leather on the real Wave Runners is not completely smooth and has some tumble to it indicating better quality. The stitching on the real Yeezy 700s are darker and more embedded.

yeezy 700 leather stitching

yeezy 700 leather stitching

3M Material

Like Jordan and other sneakers, Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runners have 3m reflected material on certain parts of the site. You can see these by using a flash from your phone to see them. On a real par the 2 circular shapes in the black material are larger than on the fakes and also appear closer together.

yeezy 700 3m reflective

Check The Mesh Pattern

The Yeezy Boost 700’s have a uniquely and intricate design upper. The real pay should be darker and closely space giving it a very tight look. The fake 700 will have a looser pattern than is a bit lighter in color.

yeezy 700 mesh

Sneaker Shape

The shape of the fakes tend be taller and blockier. The wave runners are already a bulky shoe but the fake 700s tend to look bulkier.

yeezy 700 sneaker shape

Sneaker Heel

The heel comes down to the leather quality and look at the mesh areas around the heel.

yeezy 700 sneaker heel

The Yeezy Box

Most fakes have a different and often low quality box and more than often in terrible condition. The Yeezy 700 box can be far t0o small or missing key stickers along the front face.

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