How to spot fake AirPods?

How to spot fake airpods

AirPods are earbuds that are connected to Apple devices via Bluetooth. These are wireless and can be used to play the audio automatically from your device. Further, it can be used to make phone calls. One of the best features of Airpods is that it removes background voices while making calls. These features work exceptionally in the real AirPods, but you may find mistakes in the fake AirPods.

How is it possible for us to spot fake AirPods?"

The content given below will help you with the best solution to this problem. How can you spot fake AirPods? Some essential features will help you to spot fake AirPods when you are purchasing AirPods.

Check the serial number:

The best and reliable way to spot fake AirPods is to check the serial number. This serial number is specific for each AirPods case. This serial number is written on the top and inner side of the box in which AirPods is placed. Analyze the diffuser closely:

The diffuser is present on the top of your headphone. Analyze this area closely. In the real AirPods, the diffuser and slit are in the same line, but in the fake AirPods case, the diffuser and slit are misaligned. Check the shape of the grilled area:

There is a grilled area on the headphone; a difference in the grilled area's quality and shape also helps us spot fake AirPods. These shapes differ in the original and fake AirPods.

This area is oval-shaped in the real AirPods, but in fake AirPods, this area seems like a circle rather than an oval.

Inspect the lightening port:

The lightning port is the part of the headphone through which AirPods get charged. This port is surrounded by a metal outline. The thickness of this metal outline shows the difference between genuine and fake AirPods. In the real case, this outline is thin, but in the fake AirPods, this metal outline is comparatively thicker. Notice the color of texts:

Every Apple device has the text "Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China." This text differs in the color and spacing in the real and fake cases. This text is printed in a light grey color and appears thinner. On the other hand, this text appears thicker and is in any other shade than a grey shade in the fake AirPods.

Final thoughts:

Airpods undoubtedly provide exceptional features, but the experience becomes poor if we get a copied or fake Airpod. We have shared some information and features; by checking these features, you can easily spot fake Airpods.