Fear Of God Essentials Hoodie Fake Vs Real Guide

Trying to spot fake Fear OF God Essentials hoodies? Read our guide so you don’t get scammed.

This fake vs real Fear Of God Essentials guide will assist you with identifying real vs fake hoodies. Don’t get scammed out here.

Fake vs real FOG Essentials hoodie second wash tag

In the image with the real vs fake Fear Of God Essentials hoodies below, You can see the image has multiple font weights which Are fake. The font-weight should be the same across the entire tag.

The neck tag of your FOG Essentials hoodie

The neck tag on the fake hoody has the wrong thickness on the text. The ESSENTIALS thick is thinner on a real pair when compared to the replica version of the hoody.

The last flaw that we’ve spotted on the fake neck tag is the “FEAR OF GOD” text which looks smaller and boxier than the authentic hoodie’s text,

The “ESSENTIALS” text on the rubber tag

The fake FOG hoodie has its ‘ESSENTIALS” text in a very thin font starting with the text. The authentic hoodie’s text is much thicker. This is the inverse of the issue on the neck tag.

The authentic Fear Of God Essentials hoodie has its stitching that is set deep inside the patch, as no threads come out. The replica hoody stitching isn’t deeply set and is very shallow.

The FEAR OF GOD cardboard label

In the image with the real vs fake Fear Of God Essentials hoodies above, we have pointed out how the fake item’s text has incorrect font weight. This is where replicas always have the most trouble.